The people need to know the story. See how they fit into it. See what part they play.
— August Wilson, King Hedley II
photo by JJ Tiziou

photo by JJ Tiziou


I am a theatre artist, an educator, and a builder of community partnerships. 

I am also a grant writer, manager, producer, lesson planner, people-connector, and occasionally an electrician. 

I am always a learner. I love the city.

Through every partnership I develop, I listen for the insight an individual or a community has to share. I ask what we can do together.

With every production I direct, my intention is to create a stage world that looks the way life feels rather than looks the way life looks. Going beyond literal representations of actions like loving, arguing, waging a war, to help us understand what they mean to these characters in this place, and to us.

In every setting where I teach, my goal is to inspire students to follow their curiosity, understand someone else’s perspective, and use their voices to contribute to their communities.

In all my roles, I’m looking for the stories that connect us.

Thank you for visiting my site. I’m adding more stories to it all the time…